DIY Hand Stamped Star Pattern Cowl

It’s been a while since I have done a DIY post, so I thought I would share with you an easy craft today for this Hand Stamped Star Pattern Cowl.

You will need:

  • A cowl (mine was viscose material)
  • A stamp of your choice
  • Versacraft ink (available from most hobby stores)
  • An iron

Simply lay your cowl or scarf out and begin to stamp! I laid paper underneath my material as it was fairly thin and the ink did soak through a little.

I didn’t use a pattern, just random stamping on the scarf. I reapplied the ink a little each time I stamped, to ensure an even pattern each time.

DIY Handstamped Cowl

Once all the ink is dry (and make sure it is, or you will have smudges), heat seal the ink by ironing over the patterns.

DIY Handstamped Cowl

And now your customised Hand Stamped Cowl is ready to wear! You can try different patterns to suit you of course.

DIY Handstamped Cowl

If you like this star pattern, please do visit my Etsy store to find these new rings listed! All hand stamped onto cream calico fabric.

Claireabellemakes Star rings

Which colour is your favourite? I am really looking forward to experimenting with more hand stamped items for my store. Watch this space!








18 thoughts on “DIY Hand Stamped Star Pattern Cowl

  1. Great DIY Claire, I’m planning on having a go at fabric printing soon as I’d love to use my own designs in projects. The star stamp is really effective and your new rings look great. X

  2. What a wonderful idea! Those rings are gorgeous Claire. I think the silver print is my favourite…though hard to choose! 🙂 x

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