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This week has been really sad. I pondered over whether to share this post as it’s rather personal and was difficult to write, but I felt I needed to.

My Nan passed away quite suddenly on Wednesday leaving behind a large, loving and close family. She was a dignified, loyal and inspiring woman.

Family was important to her. I took some time to look through her things on Thursday in the bungalow she lived in my with Grandad. Seeing these photos on her sideboard made me feel lucky that most of her grandchildren are almost 30 and got to enjoy her company for so long. She had great grandchildren that are older than I was in the picture below (I am in the middle).


A huge part of my crafting inspiration comes from my Nan. She was a dress maker and had a wonderful sewing room. When we took holidays as a family and she always looked for a souvenir thimble for her collection.

I didn’t know she had this Vancouver one. We visited Grouse Mountain at Christmas and it made me smile to realise we had experienced the same places at different times in our lives.

Thimble Collection

I found her WIPs; lots and lots of knitting. Mum and I said we’d try to finish them, but she always went ‘off pattern’ as she was so creative with it. The orange piece was a sleeve for a lovely jumper.

There were scrapbooks of local newspaper clippings about our family over the years. In her bag I found a photocopy of my Craft Seller magazine feature in which she was mentioned.


As I was leaving I found this cross stitch. I’ll try to remember this when I am feeling low.

Cross Stitch

I’ll remember her fondly and miss her greatly.


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  1. Im so very sorry for your loss but you hold memories and inspiration in your heart. I am so pleased for you that you had a lovely lady in your life who you drew your craft inspiration from and I am sure she would be immensely proud of you to see what you have done with that inspiration.

  2. Hi Claire, So sorry to hear your news. Your Nan sounded like a lovely lady, full of positivity.
    Hope you are doing okay. We had a sudden loss too at the end of last week – and it’s something you can’t prepare for. Take care xx

  3. I dont know if you know this, but I started crocheting because of my Grandma, I was given her sewing basket when she passed away and found a hook in it. Everytime I crochet or sew I think of her and feel so close to her as I am sure you will now when you are knitting and making. Being able to pass those skils on and keep creating is such a wonderful tribute I think and It is obvoius your Nan was very proud of you and what you do. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman. Big hugs to you and your family xxx

  4. So sorry for your loss as I know how much she meant to you. You must take comfort from the fact that some of her has been passed on to you, and continues to live on, with your crafting. I am sure she was extremely proud of you. My Nan taught me how to crochet and I inherited her hooks. I think of her each time I crochet and say thank you for knowing such a wonderful person,as well as feeling that a bit of her lives on through me. Hugs. xxx

  5. Claire, it’s so hard when you loose a Grandparent especially a Nan. But it is lovely that you have much in common, she was obviously a talented crafter like you. When my My Great Gran died I took some comfort in keeping all of her craft things and still use them most days it just helps to keep that connection. It will be a hard few weeks, just take some time and look after yourself. Lindsay xxx

  6. So sorry to hear, Claire. I’m thinking of you and your family. It is lovely to know you get your crafty side from her. In that way, you’ll always carry a bit of her inside you.

  7. I feel for you 🙁 She sounds like a lovely lady who was very proud of her family and you have some wonderful memories of her too 🙂

  8. I often look at my grandparents and think how lucky I am that I have three of them still in my mid-twenties, but I don’t think I would be reminded of this enough if it wasn’t for those around me who have sadly lost theirs and miss them. So thank you for sharing this, as I hope that as well as helping you, you’ll know that you’ve reminded people around you to treasure their loved ones all the more every day. Your nan sounds to have been a really creative soul, and very proud of her family, and she’ll live on in your crafting adventures. Hugs and virtual tea. xx

  9. Oh Claire I am so sorry.

    It was lovely to hear you talking about how you remember her and how much she means to you.

    There are some parallels we share in our experiences – both our nana’s were inspirational crafters and you know that will help you to feel that you have internalised your nana and she lives on in you. That is a lovely cross stitch and a philosophy you can share with your nana and a lovely way to continue on in life.

    Bereavement is a mountainous path with smooth easy bits and jagged high bits to climb over. It’s not easy but it feels better eventually. This will change a part of you forever and it takes time to adjust.

    If you ever need to talk then do get in touch, I’m not very far and can be there for you if you need me xxx

  10. Dear Claire, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. She sounds like a wonderful woman and grandmother; I love that picture of all the grandchildren with the colourful caption at the top. You were indeed fortunate to have known her into your adult life. Take care during this sad time.

  11. oh no, I’m so sorry for your loss. it must be so hard losing such a lovely person as your Nan. all my grandparents live in Poland, and even though I never get to see them I know the special love you hold for them. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers xx

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. Beautifully written Claire, im sure your Nan was so proud of you. Particularly moving is the mention of your photocopy in her bag 🙂 Thinking of you xxx keep crafting in her honour x

  13. Oh Claire my dear, I’m so sorry to hear this. I think you’ve been really brave to write about it as it’s hard putting emotions on to “paper” and I think what you’ve written is beautiful. I’m sure your Nan would be very proud. It sounds like she was a very inspirational, wonderful women and I hope that will keep you going when you have a low day.

    A good friend told me when my Dad suddenly died last year, that grief is a very personal thing and we can all approach/deal with it in different ways. I found that very helpful and have to remind myself of it every now and then. I hope that is some comfort.

    Take really good care of yourself and take your time.
    Love and hugs,
    Jo 🙂 x

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