Crafternoons: Fabric Noticeboard

I come from quite a creative family on my Mum’s side. I’m a trained dancer, all the boys love cooking, my Nan was a dress maker, my Mum knits and sews a bit and my sister is a super papercrafter.

It was only recently that my sister and I realised we had never had a crafting day together – madness! So we planned a day of making stuff and catching up, with a bit of crafty shopping thrown in.

For our first crafternoon together, we decided to make Fabric Noticeboards. I also introduced Emma to needle felting (I sold it with “you get to stab stuff”) and we did some mod podge and fabric projects.

Here are a few pics from our afternoon.

Fabric Noticeboard1

I got a bit too excited about using a staple gun – craft geek!

Fabric Noticeboard2

All crafternoons require tea, chocolate and utter mess (G was a bit shocked ha!).

Fabric Noticeboard3

I used a pretty Clarke and Clarke fabric and vintage lace I’d been saving for a while.

We used wooden boards and lots of wadding, stapling the fabric and ribbons in place to create a padded effect. To cover the staples on the front we glue gunned buttons on. I LOVE glue gun craft projects.

Fabric Noticeboard3

Here is Emma with her completed heart themed fabric noticeboard.

Fabric Noticeboard5

And here I am with my blue floral one! Excuse my no make up and beginnings of a migraine face!

Fabric Noticeboard6

We had such a fun afternoon but the time went WAY too fast! We learnt that furnishing fabrics work better and wooden boards (not cork) are best. It was a fairly easy project, but much faster with two people.

What do you think of our makes? Have you got any crafty family members?


28 thoughts on “Crafternoons: Fabric Noticeboard

  1. They turned out so well didn’t they! I have no crafty family members 🙁 going to veto family weddings from now on with ‘must be of a crafty nature’ placards.

  2. Your boards look lovely (as do both of you!)- excellent idea adding the buttons to cover the staples 🙂 My Mum is really crafty- she’s good at absolutely everything! After seeing my map-covered chest of drawers she did one too and it’s SO much better than mine; I think her endless patience is definitely a virtue I’m lacking when it comes to craft :p xx

  3. That’s so cool! Looks like so much fun. I don’t have a crafty family AT ALL. I’m even quite alone with the whole baking thing in my family. X

  4. That looks like a brilliant way to spend the afternoon. I have two very crafty sisters, and a mum who knits and sews beautifully. My children are showing signs of the same tendencies, which fills me with joy!

  5. I come from quite a creative family too, my oldest sister is a dancer (think I’ve told you) my younger a singer both my bro in laws are musicans as is most of my Mums side of the family as well. I grew up with a piano in the living room and we would get together every Saturday for a sing song! hee My Mum and my sisters all like to make thing as well and my Mama made everything she could herself, she knitted, sewed etc, I have loads of things that she made for me, I should do a blog post about it! 🙂 Looks like an awesome day was had by you both!

  6. Oooh, I love them! I think I may ‘need’ to make one too 🙂
    My family is super creative too, my mums gran and two aunties were dress makers, my mums mum knits constantly and makes super patchwork quilts, my mum makes anything soft furnishing wise for their house and makes her own clothes and made clothes for us as kids, my dad is a cabinet maker and has made many pieces for their house and my little sis did her degree in Textiles and Surface Pattern Design! Wow! Then there’s just me, hehe 😉
    Would love to have a crafternoon with my sister but she lives out in Australia now, we struggle to find a good time to skype so no chance to sit down to make something together 🙁 so sad!

      1. Sounds like a plan, but we find it so hard to get a chance to chat because of the time difference. When it’s evening here my sis is getting up and ready for work or when she’s free there I’m getting me + kids up and out for the two different school/nursery runs 🙁
        We will find time one day 🙂 x

  7. These look lovely Claire, hope you’re posting about your other projects to ;D I must must must get on with the needle felting!! xx

  8. So lovely and a great project for some chip board that I have left over from one of my upholstery projects. That’s my Saturday afternoon sorted! X

  9. Awesome… I love the choice of ribbon and lace on your board. I definitely have a crafty family – my mom and a good friend of her’s made all my wedding favors, my sister draws beautifully creative designs and my dad… well he’s a jack of all trades master of none literally if he puts his mind to it can turn any tool into a friend. Enjoy your blog so much, thanks for this post

  10. Lovely post! I am just about to embark on making some fabric noticeboards – do you know Wilkinsons sell cork boards for £2?
    I am from a fairly crafty family too – my mum taught me and my sisters to knit when we were very young, one of my sisters is an amazing cupcake baker and the other is a knitter and stitcher. My mum has a little crafty stall at her local market in Devon too called Knitting Nanny!

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