Cam Blog Meet Part II

Today I bring you Part II of the Cam Blog Meet which took place on Saturday! If you missed Part I you can catch up here.

Following on from lunch, chats, a touch of crochet and goody bag excitment, we played at being tourists around Cambridge for the afternoon.Cam Blog Meet

Michaela (doing a spot of crochet and modelling her Claireabellemakes ring!)

We ventured out to the famous Kings Parade, home of Kings College chapel and the delicious Fudge Kitchen.  Typically Cambridge, I knew this street would be a good place for new visitors to the city with stereotypes galore.

Our unique ‘busker in the bin’ was also on hand to provide entertainment for the afternoon! Out of towners are always a bit bemused by him.

Cam Blog Meet

We took a walk up to the Quayside although didn’t spot any brave souls trying to punt in the cold winter sun.  Cam Blog Meet

A quick stop into Trinity College prompted oohs and aahs over the architecture and a little bit of jealousy about the beautiful Cambridge student environment.

We stopped for a group photo with all of us looking for the best spot for light – typical bloggers!!

Cam Blog Meet

It was a beautiful sunny winters day but we were grateful for the warmth of a hot chocolate at the end of the meet!

Hot Chocolate

Thank you again to all the sponsors and most of all thank you to the bloggers who attended. It was such fun to organise the day and meet you all.

Please share links below if you have blogged about the day!


18 thoughts on “Cam Blog Meet Part II

  1. Looks like you girls had a fab test of the afternoon. Thanks so much for organising- it was lovey to come down and meet some other bloggers in real life- you star!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  2. Busker in a bin… now THAT is entertainment!! lol! Looks like you gals had a great time. Such a fun meet up! If only I wasn’t across the pond….

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