Cam Blog Meet Part I

Cam Blog MeetCam Blog Meet

This weekend was the inaugural Cam Blog Meet! After a couple of weeks of excitement, the day had finally arrived to meet with some fellow Cambridge Bloggers and some from further afield.

Planning began a few weeks back with a secret goody bag organised for each attendee. Putting these together was so much fun! Cam Blog Meet

Co-hosts Rachel, Stacie and Harriet travelled from Southampton, Bedfordshire and Isle of Wight respectively, to spend a day in Cambridge, eating lunch, drinking cocktails, chatting blogs and being tourists. Days before were filled with texts and tweets of excitement and travel plans.

Cam Blog Meet

The goody bags were filled with some fantastic items, all perfect for the creative blogger!

I’d like to thank the following brands and companies for supporting the event!

Crafty Creatives , Homemaker Magazine,,, Graze, Tea Pigs, Dex Diva, The Sheep Shop, Stacie Swift Illustration, Ohnorachio, Harriet Gray, Lush Cambridge and Ta Bouche bar.

Attendees also received a little treat from the Claireabellemakes shop in their bags 🙂

Cam Blog Meet

Despite the long journeys for some, the day went well with lots of chatter and networking. People shared their blog photography tips (balanced on a chair on one leg anyone?!) and even workout tips – who is doing the 30 Day Shred now on Rachel’s advice?!!

Cam Blog Meet

Rachel, Harriet, Nina, Louise, Holly

Cam Blog Meet

Suzie, Sophie, Jade

Cam Blog Meet

Nina, Louise

By the time lunch was over, the cocktails had been ordered and tourist walks for the afternoon were being planned. More on this in Part II tomorrow!!

Cam Blog Meet

Stacie, Emma, Rachel, Emma, Harriet, Laura.

Click the names to see their fab blogs! There were also more people in attendance, so please check out the CamBlogMeet Twitter List for more blog links!

Keep an eye for Part II tomorrow!


21 thoughts on “Cam Blog Meet Part I

  1. Looks like you all had a Fabulous day! What lovely treats. So wish I could’ve been there.. (Cocktails too!) next time…
    Nice to see bloggers faces too 🙂

    Looking forward to part 2. X

  2. What a lovely post! Fabulous photos, too! Did I mention that my son (age 15) swiped the skull buttons with the cry ‘Cool!’ He now has his beady eye on the dragon but I’m keeping a sharp look-out.. How btw do you turn the dragon into a brooch??

  3. Thanks so much Claire, was lovely to meet everyone. I went straight to The Sheep Shop afterwards to stock up! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post and future meets. xxx

  4. Looks like you had a brilliant time! I’m determined to be at the next one 🙂 am looking forward to seeing what you got up to in part 2!

  5. Wow Claire! This seems like a lovely lovely day! The goody bag is such a thoughtful and cute idea! I bet everyone is lovely and I look forward to part 2. Will be keeping an eye out for if you run a meet up again! 🙂 p.s. get well soon!

    P.s. will be sure to check out all the blogs in this post too! Can’t wait! 🙂

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