Giving Handmade Gifts

Back in April last year, I set myself a challenge of giving and making handmade gifts wherever possible. I am very pleased to say I’ve worked hard at this and I thought it was time I shared some of my makes.

My dear friend Collette (of the blog Crafty Glitten) celebrated her birthday recently. After seeing this deer cross stitch in a back issue of Mollie Makes, I knew I had to make it for her. I got a kit from this Etsy seller and backed it with vintage fabric and wadding so it could remain in the hoop.

I wish I’d pressed it before mounting in the hoop though, as that crease in the middle is bugging me!! I don’t think Bambi minds though 😉

Deer Cross Stitch Hoop

Next up was a crochet baby blanket. I made this with a DK weight yarn and crocheted a giant granny square with two strands together in cream and baby blue. I like the kind of swirly effect it has. After a quick #AskTwitter request, I determined the blanket needed to be around 30″x 30″ for a baby (I’m clueless about all things kid you see).

However, my friend’s baby arrived 10 weeks early so I had to finish it at the speed of light. I’ve never crocheted so fast! A quick scalloped border and it was done. Little Jackson was poorly at first, but has finally come home around 6 weeks after he was born. He is a real cutie!

Crochet Baby Blanket

Next up, some beaded jewellery for Mother’s Day gifts. I really like the colour of the delicate glass beads, especially the dusky pink. I might have to make some of the earrings for myself too. I am wondering whether to list them all in my Etsy store or just have an Instagram/Twitter flash sale, what do you think?

Mother's Day Jewellery by Claireabellemakes

Glass Bead Drop Earrings by Claireabellemakes

Finally, these fabric button rings and hairslides are for a top secret gift which I will reveal soon! I love finding different fabrics to use, especially polka dot and floral fabrics!

Fabric Rings and; Hairslides by Claireabellemakes

I hope you have enjoyed my ta-dah’s today! I can’t wait for Spring to come so we have better light for taking photos.

What have you been making lately? Please share in the comments below!


23 thoughts on “Giving Handmade Gifts

  1. I love making handmade gifts. There is something so special about handmade items and the thought that goes into them. Also, that is such a cute cross stitch Etsy shop!

    P.S. Your new designs are so pretty. 🙂

  2. Wow, you have been so productive! I do like giving handmade gifts but I must admit that after a few misses I am careful about who I make for (my mother has put everything I have ever made into a drawer or a cupboard or under shelves so now she gets gift vouchers and we’re both happy).

    1. I think some people just don’t appreciate handmade, so there are a few people in my family that will get bought gifts too. My Nan however loves it all and expects monthly photos in the mail of my makes. She shares her county fair entries 🙂 I hadn’t quite realised how productive I had been this month until writing the post!

  3. Hi Claire, I’m having a good blog catch up and I can’t believe how much everyone has been making! I love your new jewellery pieces they look very vintage. And what a lucky baby to have his own unique handmade blanket. I agree that handmade gifts are so special – I love to make things for friends and family and I certainly appreciate them much more since I have been making items myself! Em xx

  4. Oh, cute! There’s nothing nicer than receiving a hand made gift. I am sure it’ll be loved. How funny, I also know a Jackson who was born prematurely… same baby?? 🙂 x

  5. Hi Claire, you are a real ‘all-rounder’ I wish I could keep the interest in so many different crafts. Personally I do a lot of sewing,embroidery and applique work, not the usual craft for a bloke I know but there you have it. Because I sell much of my work I find it difficult to give them as presents, I know I shouldn’t feel this way but to me it seems sort of like a welder giving his relations a couple of welding rods; if you know what i mean. Anyway keep up the good work, its all good and you seem to enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am learning that I seem to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and master of none! I like the variety and have a constant need to learn things so I think this is why I am always trying a new craft. I would love to improve my sewing and applique work, but a sewing machine upgrade is in order first. I understand your dilemma about giving your handmade items away, but I am sure they will be appreciated nonetheless.

  6. Love the X-stitching of Bambi… always did enjoy this craft, but probably last tried my hand at it 10 or so years ago. Your gift idea’s post has been a friendly reminder that homemade gifts from the heart are so special.

  7. I am in love with the hair pins!! Such adorable fabrics. The bambi cross stitch makes me want to try it out, never done it before… guess there’s always a first project, right? lol
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Best –
    popping in from happy hour projects link party!

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