Maps and The Explorer

I am fascinated by maps. I’m not quite sure why.

World Map Print


I used to study the atlas as a child and look for random places. I wouldn’t say I’m extremely well travelled, but I do like to visit new countries and study the maps of surrounding areas. On flights, I put the map system on the screen and watch as the journey progresses. G doesn’t seem as excited when I repeatedly point out where we are in the world and all the funny place names.

When I first moved to Cambridge, I bought a pocket A-Z and went out at the weekends on my bicycle, looking for streets and paths to explore.

I’m not sure what it is that I find so interesting about maps. Perhaps it is discovering new names of places I didn’t know existed, or the magnitude that we are part of this huge planet and can travel so easily around it.

This interest has influenced my craft passion for sure. I’m drawn to map print items and just searching for ‘map crafts’ on Pinterest gives me a whole heap of ideas to work with. It’s just a pity vintage maps are so expensive or difficult to acquire.

For now, I’ve created an Etsy Treasury called ‘The Explorer’, which I hope you will agree is full of beautiful items on the theme of travel.

I’d love to hear which item you would favourite.

Washi Tape, WIDE Japane…


Chevron Passport Holder…


life travel photograph …


Vintage Gladiator Suitc…


Leather Travel Wallet /…


Pastel stripe canvas Ba…


Cyber Monday Etsy BOGO …


Postcard blanks – set o…


Vintage Mint Green Impe…


Map Envelopes A2 with L…


His n Hers – Personaliz…


Vintage Map Pendant, Cu…


Antique Travel Book – C…


Vacation Journal, Trave…


vintage globe / mid mod…


Vintage oversized shade…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

You can find photos of my travels on Flickr, although I’ve yet to add the ones from my Vancouver trip!


18 thoughts on “Maps and The Explorer

  1. I wonder if popping an ad on Freecycle would help? There must be loads of out of date maps hanging around people’s houses. I like the look of maps too, and used to read my compact world atlas in bed as a kid. I can use a compass and read an OS map….but manage to get lost in shops and when trying to find my way home! x

  2. I have to go with that lovely map printed washi tape. I remember when shops first started selling recycled map stationery, I loved my map writing paper! Freecycle is good shout. X

  3. Love the globe and the travel journal, and those mapvelopes are AMAZING. I share your love for maps and my house is slowly filling with them- on walls, furniture, and globes. I’m hoping my terrible geographical knowledge will be improved through osmosis by surrounding myself with them :p xxx

  4. I love looking at maps too. It was one of the best things about geography. I like all the symbols in the OS maps we used to work with. I’m also reminded of that scene in ‘We have to talk about Kevin’ when the mother pasted the maps of her travels on the wall of her study.

  5. I love map crafts! I think they look sooo pretty! In Carlisle there is a bar that has huge old sepia maps of Carlisle on the walls like wall paper, just one wall, but its pretty high. Looks amazing!

    Jen xx

  6. I love that washi tape! Although the backpack is lovely too, whenever I’m out exploring I suddenly wish I had a nice one to carry things around in, but then it escapes my mind when I’m back home, and thus, I’m always destined to be without one 🙁

    As an aside, I’d never heard of etsy treasuries before – I guess I just look on etsy for whatever I’m after and don’t pay enough attention to everything else it has to offer. Thank you for the enlightenment – I’m off to make a nice little wishlist of my own now!

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