Cam Blog Meet

It’s the weekend!!!!!!!!!

I’ve had an exhausting week, but I’m super excited to be sharing an extra Saturday post with you to let you know about the creatives blogger meet up on 2 March. Dubbed #CamBlogMeet (always grateful for a hashtag) it’s going to be a super social event and we’re all a wee bit excited!


The majority of you have sent your RSVP’s and it’s now time to confirm where and when!

Saturday 2 March, 12 noon at Ta Bouche Bar/Cafe. 10-15 Market Passage, Cambridge, CB2 3PF

If you’d like to come, please leave a comment below so we can make sure we have enough places reserved! If you’re coming from out of town, do contact me for directions or to meet up beforehand.

It’s going to be a relaxed social event and a chance for us to put faces to names. There may even be some treats in store for those attending!


18 thoughts on “Cam Blog Meet

  1. I hope husband doesn’t find out what time this is on. I’m planning a whole day of enjoying myself in Cambridge around it!

  2. I had put my name down to come but have just found out that my husband’s family are throwing a party for his grandad on Saturday afternoon so I’m afraid I can’t make it now. So sorry! Would have loved to come, hope there’s another one soon! Hope you all have a great time xo Hayley

  3. Hi Claire I hope this comment reaches you kind of like a text or an email! I’m really sad not to be at Ta Bouche right now, so envious of you guys! It was beginning to look like work would mean I couldn’t come, then my husband got ill and now I’m on boy-looking-after duty! Hoped M and I might make it together at least to say hello, but it’s just been a difficult morning. Boo! Have an awesome time, share photos! Suki xxx

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