DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland

DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland

Yoohoo crafters! It’s almost Valentines Day, so today I am sharing a tutorial for this cute and easy DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland. A quick project to use up scraps* and it brightens the mantle immediately!

You will need:

DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland

I cut these using a template I already had, but you can find plenty online. I backed mine with iron-on interfacing to give them some structure, but this is not necessary if you use thicker fabric.

DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland

  • Start by deciding on the order for your heart patterns & lay them onto a strip of lace
  • The length and distance between hearts is entirely up to you
  • Pin each heart to the lace
  • Stitch along the lace with a sewing machine on a straight stitch. Slow down as you reach the first heart (right sides up) and remove the pin
  • Stitch across the top of the heart to fix it to the lace ribbon
  • Continue until all the hearts are stitched to the lace

You could also stitch by hand if you don’t own a sewing machine. A simple running stitch would suffice.

Hang and admire!

DIY Vintage Lace and Fabric Heart Garland

Why stop at hearts? You could make any shapes and change your mantle for each holiday!

If you love this DIY please ‘like’ this pin for it to be entered into a Valentines craft competition. I’d be super grateful!

*The fabric used was Laura Ashley scraps.

You can find hairslides and rings in these fabrics in my Etsy store here!


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  1. Ooh I like very much! I have lots of lace to use up. I bought a rather sizeable bag of the stuff in bright pink for a pound and the decision has been haunting me ever since.

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