DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin

DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin

Hello lovelies!

Today I am sharing an easy tutorial for this DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin. Last week was pretty miserable with mega migraines causing insomnia, so the majority of this craft project was completed at 4.30am on Sunday morning! Of course, you are free to make one at a more reasonable hour.

For starters, you need :

  • a cheap plastic waste paper bin (I think this was a poundshop jobbie)
  • some mod podge (or Craft PVA as Hobbycraft calls it)
  • fabric scraps
  • glue sponge

DIY Fabric Waste Paper BinI used roughly cut strips of Clarke and Clarke and Cath Kidston furnishing fabric because it is nice and thick, but you could use any fabric that takes your fancy.

Glue the bin and smooth the fabric onto it, making sure there are no bubbles or lumps. Continue around until the bin is covered.

Cover the top of the fabric with another layer of mod podge or craft glue and leave to dry. It will go clear and harden. This is the same process as I did for the Cath Kidston Fabric Flower Pots.

DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin

I cut a circle of fabric and covered the base of the bin too.

Once dried I hunted in my stash and found some lovely lace to cover the joins in the fabric and any small gaps showing the bin. Use the same principle of glue, apply, then glue again to fix the lace to the bin.

And you’re done! Now you have something really pretty to throw your papers in!

DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin

What have you been working on this week? Share your links below!




Sew Chatty

18 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Waste Paper Bin

  1. Poor, poor you. Hope that you are feeling slightly more normal now (sending hugs). I really love your bin. I bet you smile everytime you look at it? Hoping you don’t see 4.30am this weekend at all. xxxx

  2. I just adore the lace edging and the idea of prettying up a waste bin. As for me, I’ve been working on a tack-y project that I’m hoping will be ready to post tomorrow. Hope you’re having a great weekend girl!

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