Tea Time

It’s official. I am a tea geek, tea snob, tea addict, whatever you wish to call me. But it hasn’t always been like this. As a student, I worked at Starbucks and they made us taste the different coffees each day as part of our training. I loved one cup of strong black coffee per day.

However, a couple of years ago I got pretty sick & had to change my diet and cut caffeine completely. Then I tried peppermint tea and everything changed…..loose tea features daily in my life & coffee is long gone (sorry Joanne!).

I was recently lucky enough to acquire this beautiful tea set designed by British ceramicist Alison Appleton from a giveaway on The Secluded Tea Party Blog. It has joined my delicate glass teapot from teapigs and my Stump teapot for one. 

Alison Appleton Tea Set

Source: Alison Appleton

My WI group hosted a meeting of tea tasting and buying last week which I sadly missed. The ladies of local company Kandula Tea shared their wonderful story of how the business began. Read Crafty Glitten’s blog here to find out more. I was super grateful for my friends who bought tea for me from the meeting.

Whilst in Vancouver I visited David’s Tea. I am a fan of anywhere that has a ‘tea menu’ and happy smiley staff who are tea geeks too. The range of over 150 flavours is amazing and I made sure I had space in my suitcase (and hand luggage) for some, as they don’t do international delivery yet *sob*!

I tried Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, Organic Peppermint (which is said to stimulate creativity) and Forever Nuts which turns pink when steeped as it contains beetroot. Pretty tea.

Birthday Cake David's Tea

Source: David’s Tea

Next on my list to try is Birthday Cake. Yes, they have teas that are named after cake! It is a blend of Red and Green Rooibos, honeybush, sprinkles and ice cream bits. What a treat a cup of that would be!

I will leave you with my latest Etsy Treasury, “Tea Time“, which is a collection of  handmade and vintage items based around tea. Do share in the comments below if you have a favourite item! 

Antique Teapot with Pea…


The Original Maker Of T…


Tea Time Apron, gift, w…


Cream coloured hand kni…


Shelley Bubble Floral C…


Soft Blush Pink Heart S…


Time for Tea – Hand St…


Small Refill Bag Organi…


Tea Print – 11×14 Kitch…


Vintage China Tea Cup M…


British Tea Party Handm…


Ornate Teapot Knob


Kitchen or Wall art. Ho…


Tea Party Tags Favor Te…


rubber stamp – TEA TIME


Alice in Wonderland Cot…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Happy tea drinking!


34 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Beautiful tea set and lovely gifts. Coffee seems to be all the rage at the moment and lovely though it is, it would be great to see more cafe’s locally that specialise in tea – tea goes much better with cake! 🙂

  2. Ooh, I’m a huge tea fan too! Am completed addicted to spearmint and camomile tea, with a spoonful of honey. Love your Etsy treasury!! 🙂

  3. I am SO addicted to David’s Tea- particularly Birthday Cake- after doing my international goodie swap with a Canadian blogging buddy. God knows what I’m going to do when it runs out. Put sprinkles in my regular tea, perhaps?! :s xxx

  4. I love tea and it has to be said that there’s only one place in the world you can get a decent cup – yes Great Britain is without a doubt a tea nation! But I do think, Claire, that we should all be trying to get our nation of Tea drinkers to be more adventurous and try other flavours as there’s nothing like a Tea Pigs cuppa to help get through the day!! Birthday Cake tea sounds fabulous – must try and get some of that!! xxx

  5. Love an independent tea brand (teapigs…erm not so sure ; ) and Kandula do Cambridge proud , hurrah. Glad my giveaway has inspired…and birds cake tea?! Erm yes please!
    Happy Tea drinking,,, Miss Sue Flay xxx

  6. Ha ha. The WI made me wish I did like tea. But it just isn’t my thing. I do like a nice cup of herbal though and the kandula morrocan mint is lush. I like redbush but am allergic so that is out. I always end the night with a cup of camomile too. That said I have no idea how you gave up coffee! I mainline the stuff.

  7. TEA! Oh I could talk about it for hours, and often do, in fact. There is an independent shop in Sheffield selling loose leaf tea blends, and I’ve had my eye on their rhubarb and custard one for a while. Your new tea set is gorgeous! x

  8. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog today Claire, it was lovely to hear about all the different teas & to see your beautiful tea set too. I look forward to hearing how the Birthday Cake tea tastes! xx

  9. The tea set is just beautiful! I make and drink at least one full pot of tea a day and have never drunk coffee at all. I, too, am a bit of a tea snob as I only brew loose teas. Teavana teas are popular in my area now and I like the dried fruit and black tea blends. Enjoy your new set!

  10. This tea set is a wonder. And I have to say it matches your blog colours perfectly, you tasty girl 🙂 I love tea too, I am a fan of the tea we drink daily here in Ireland, and also a big fan of lapsang soushong. But I am not too much onto fruity teas we have in France though. I only own bulky mugs and lately felt I would need something finer to enjoy my tea better, so I keep my eyes peeled for a tea set in charity shops. Am I on the way to getting a tea snob you think?

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