Guest Post: 5 Ways To Recycle Christmas Cards

Please welcome Lisa from the lovely lifestyle blog Mathilde♥Manech. Lisa blogs about all things craft, design, fashion, food and shares film inspirations and positivity tips.

She is sharing her tips for 5 ways to Recycle Christmas Cards – very helpful when we all have a clear out and tidy up to start the new year! A perfect craft for January!

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I’m not a person who purchases gifts in the January sales for the following Christmas. Nor am I organised enough to buy half price decorations to save a buck or two. Mainly because when Christmas is over, I’m over it too – until Autumn comes back around that is.

So I was a tad surprised when I was struck by the organised/frugal bug to recycle the cards I received into gift tags for the next festive season. However, gift tags are not the only way to go if you’re a crafty so-and-so – which I know Claire’s readers are! Here are my top 5 projects you can complete in a manner of minutes on a dreary January afternoon.

  • Before you start snipping the cards, write down all the senders names ready for your 2013 Christmas card list so you don’t forget anyone (thousand apologies Great Aunt Joan!). This quick tip will keep you in the good books next Yuletide.
  • Make Gift Tags. Using cookie cutters as a stencil, cut out the required shape, create a hole and thread through some ribbon.
  • Create confetti using craft punches. My star punch is great for this and the confetti can be used to pop on the Christmas table, add to stockings or perhaps create a garland or three?
  • Make festive bunting – cut out letters from the card to spell out a festive message. Use a hole punch in the corner of each letter and thread through colourful ribbon, bakers twine or string.
  • Choose a couple of cards that are worthy of framing – they will look great as part of a Christmas mantelpiece display.

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You could of course print this post and keep it with your cards until later in the year when you fancy Christmas crafting once more. Or recycle your cards and help the Woodland Trust (in collaboration with Marks & Spencer) create more pretty woodland. I hope you all enjoyed these quick recycling tips. Happy New Year everyone and happy crafting!

Great tips Lisa, thank you for sharing with my followers! I particularly like the confetti punch idea! We haven’t put our cards in the loft yet so I’ll get recycling this weekend.


10 thoughts on “Guest Post: 5 Ways To Recycle Christmas Cards

  1. It’s been a tradition in our family to re-use cards as gift tags (or just to make new cards from them the following year!) However I haven’t been very creative in the ways I’ve made them – I love your idea of using cookie cutters and also making letters. The latter idea in particular I will definitely be nicking for next Christmas!

  2. Being someone who can never throw my cards away and not creative enough to think of anything else to do with them except make gift tags, I love this post. Thank you. I especially like the idea of cutting out letters to make a word.

  3. I did this last year and it felt great in December to be re-using my Christmas cards from the year before, although I was slightly worried about giving the ‘new’ gift card to the person who gave me the card last year! Love the idea of Christmas confetti too 🙂

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