Handmade Christmas Gifts

Now the holiday season is officially over (come on, who still has their decorations up?!) I can finally share some of the gifts I made for Christmas presents.

2012 was the year I went crazy for crochet, so whilst in Canada I visited Michael’s and stocked up on yarn. G had given me birthday money to spend  specifically on crafty items abroad!

I’d seen a lovely pattern on the blog Sew Chatty for a one skein infinity scarf, so decided to go crochet scarf crazy. You can find the pattern in Elizabeth’s Etsy Store. I changed colours each row which wasn’t in the pattern, so I hope she wont mind my modification! Had to keep the one second from the right for myself though hehe!

The repetitive pattern was so good for my relaxation. I remembered to do some regular stretches to prevent my neck strain which usually triggers my migraines.

Crochet Infinity Scarves

I also took my granny squares blanket on the plane as Air Canada allowed hooks and small scissors HOORAY! I think the check-in lady thought I was a bit mad when I told her I was so happy I’d be able to crochet on the plane. I was particularly happy when the entertainment system failed for 5 hours and we couldn’t watch any films. I made so many squares!

I also spent some Christmas time teaching Lauren  how to crochet and she was awesome at it! It’s so satisfying helping someone learn and seeing the ‘click’ moment. We each made two of these crochet headbands/ear warmers from this pattern on Etsy. We found some lovely aran yarn from the Martha Stewart range on sale.

Crochet Headband

When in Canada we stayed with Lauren and Aaron who have recently moved to Vancouver. Before they settled, they travelled from East to West across the country. I thought for Christmas it would be cool to get them a vintage style map and embroider their  route. I LOVE paper embroidery. Here’s how it turned out:

Embroided Map of Canada

Embroided Map of Canada

We had it framed and veerrrry carefully packed it in foam to take across the seas. Luckily it arrived in one piece and they loved it. (The map print was from art.com if anyone is wondering).

I made tons more presents but I wont bore you with more today, except to share some more pillows I made from my favourite knitted cushion pattern! I have made 4 of these now.

Knitted Cushions

What did you make as Christmas gifts this year? Link in the comments below if you have blogged about your makes!


42 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas Gifts

  1. Such a nice idea making gifts for your friends!I’ve enjoyed hearing all about Canada, especially because we have family there too. Love the headbands – they look cosy.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂 x

  2. I didn’t make this year for anyone, I normally make cards for everyone but circumstances meant I couldn’t. There’s nothing like receiving something that has been handmade though, especially when you appreciate the time and thought someone has put into it. I intend to personalise my house this year with homemade/upcycled gifts for myself does that count?!! xxx

  3. Splendid ear warmers! I am trying to learn to crochet rows but not had the click moment yet. Most of my presents still haven’t been delivered so I can’t blog them, but love seeing what others have made. x

  4. This year I made an apron for my mum (first sewing project on machine) and PJ’s for P, then I made up cookie recipe jars, truffles, peppermint chocolate, lemon sugar hand scrub, vanilla essence, infused oils and bird seed cookies! I think doing this and moving at the same time I took on way too much, must try and plan better this year!

  5. I made some felt keyrings and phone cases this year. I planned to make fudge too – but I ate it! I love those ear warmer things – I think I’ll have a go at making them soon.

  6. What a nice, comfy, friendly blog! I made knitted wash cloths which I used to ‘wrap’ pretty soaps and lip balms to give to girlfriends. I also made a crocheted afghan for my niece. It is made with three strands of yarn held together and a size Q hook (gigantic) and is very soft and cushy.

  7. I love the headbands, what lovely colours! Making Christmas gifts is great because it puts hobby time to good use. I knitted some of my gifts this year and will certainly make more next year.

  8. I feel like a blog stalker tonight leaving my second comment but I am catching up with your blogs while winding down for the evening. Your crochet as ever is beautiful, you did very well getting the scissors on to the plane. It’s lovely that you were able to share your love of crochet while you were away too. I hadn’t heard of paper embroidery until now, it looks just perfect on the map I now covet! xx

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