Guest Post: DIY Christmas Stamps

Please welcome Laura to the blog today, who is sharing a fab DIY for Christmas Stamps.

These are perfect for wrapping, tags and smash books! I am a huge fan of Laura’s blog Wrapped Up in Rainbows which includes plenty of crafty DIYs, nail art and lifestyle posts. 

DIY Christmas Stamps

Hi, I’m Laura from Wrapped Up In Rainbows. I was delighted to be asked by Claire to guest post while she was busy getting into the festive spirit! I know you are a crafty lot so I thought I would share a favourite DIY of mine, hopefully it will come in handy at this time of year.

I am gaining a rather large collection of stamps, and last year I decided to expand it even further buy creating some of my own! Above you can see some which I made for Christmas using erasers and corks. I stamped on everything! I made Christmas cards, gift tags and even some wrapping paper!  Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own.

DIY Christmas Stamps

You will need;

  • Erasers or corks
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • A Craft Knife (Take care! It is so easy to get carried away. You do not want your finger to become a stamp too!)
  • A Craft Mat
  • An Ink Pad


Draw your design onto your eraser or cork. Remember that it will come out backwards if you are going to be writing words.

Cut about 3 mm deep all the way around your design.

DIY Christmas Stamps

Cut horizontally into the eraser/cork, about 3mm down. You should be able to remove the excess quite easily and now should be left with just your design that is raised. It will be a little trickier if you are using a cork as it does tend to crumble a little.

DIY Christmas Stamps

Test your stamp out! If there is anything you don’t like you can tidy it up now. After testing my Christmas tree stamp I decided it was a little wonky, and I wanted the tree and the pot to be separate. Much better!

DIY Christmas Stamps

Now you can get stamping! I hope you enjoyed my little post.

Thanks Laura! This is such a fabulous tutorial and I know I’ll be trying it out very soon as I’m totally addicted to stamping things at the moment.

I hope you all enjoyed my guest today. Keep an eye out for more wonderful crafters next week!



11 thoughts on “Guest Post: DIY Christmas Stamps

  1. Hi Laura

    It’s very nice to meet you via our lovely Claire.

    Your stamp tutorial is brilliant, I’m adding it to my craft to do list.

    Have a fab Christmas.

    Kath x

  2. Hi Claire and Laura

    I really enjoy both of your blogs and I love this crafty post! It is so simple but effective and is something I’d like to try for next Christmas if not before!
    Take care x

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