Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween pumpkins

Happy Halloween!

Just a quick post today to share with you our pumpkins. G had never carved one before so we had a late night pumpkin carving date yesterday. His is the face of the character from the Nightmare Before Christmas (left one). What do you think?

This week I’ve spent some great time with friends (bye bye Jen *sob*) and spent hours drinking tea and chatting. It’s been bliss.

I better sign off before the door bell goes again. The mini trick or treaters are out in Cambridge tonight!


13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Fab Pumpkins Claire ~ the boy did well with his Night Before Christmas face! I hope you have a lovely Halloween too & don’t forget to save a sweetie for yourself & the boy. xx

  2. This is the first year we haven’t carved a pumpkin in a while, no trick or treaters either, looks like Hubby will have to eat the Haribos 😉

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