Granny Squares

Today I want to share with you my two latest crochet projects; a Granny Square cushion and a Granny Square blanket.

Lately I’ve really not felt tip top and it has been hard to face crafting, baking or housework! I’ve been living in a house filled with WIPs, ironing piles and blankets.

Despite feeling sorry for myself recently, I did find a few moments to pick up my crochet hook and yarn for some hooky time.

Granny Square Cushion

I’m so pleased with this project. I didn’t follow a pattern and when I started it, I just wanted to practice the pattern following my crochet class with notsogranny. I got some luscious cotton yarn from Yves Town which came in the most gorgeous selection of pastel colours.

Once the Granny Square rounds started to grow, I knew I wanted to make a cushion cover and turn it into a housewarming present for a friend. I did make an error in the number of rows I did at one point, but I don’t think it notices that much (I hope).

The scalloped edge is a series of treble stitches. I think it looks really sweet and the cotton yarn feels so so so soft!

Granny Square cushion by claireabellemakes

I worked the rounds until it measured approximately 14″ x 14″ and made an envelope cushion in some polka dot blue Clarke and Clarke fabric. It was a little fiddly to stitch the crochet square on, but I managed it with a bit of patience.

Granny Square cushion by claireabellemakes

Before I began to crochet 6 months ago, I hadn’t ever managed to sustain a craft project for a lengthy period. It’s been really good to break that habit.

Granny Square Blanket

The next crochet project is a WIP which I hope to have finished by Christmas. I started this in my Granny Squares class with blue and white shades of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. It is a beautiful yarn to work with. I’m working 3 rounds per square and eventually it will be 9 squares x 9 squares to make a lap blanket for my craft room.

Any ideas on an edging?

Granny Square Blanket planning by claireabellemakes

Finally I want to share with you some really cool Granny Square themed things I found on Pinterest this week. How cool are these cookies and the giant felted Granny Squares?

Source: via Claireabelle on Pinterest

I am also working on some Granny Square slippers (pattern from Mollie Makes, issue 19) which I hope to share once complete.

What have you made using the Granny Square pattern? Please share a link to your projects in the comments below!


43 thoughts on “Granny Squares

  1. Wonderful! i love the edging on your cushion!! I havent been able to do much due to feeling rough too, my blanket will prob be done for next winter 😉

  2. Claire – beautiful, beautiful colours on the cushion, it looks so pretty. What a lucky friend you have! Can’t wait to see your granny slippers.
    Readers – If you are feeling inspired and are Cambridge based there as a couple of places left on my granny squares class this Saturday (27th October) at the Sheep Shop where Claire learnt. (hope you don’t mind the little plug Claire!)

    1. I’m working on the granny slippers in acrylic yarn and if they come out OK, I’ll get some sock stop as Sarah recommended. Thanks for the wonderful classes 🙂 Can’t wait to learn ripples and start the next blanket x

  3. Your cushion is stunning Claire as are the squares for your blanket! I have been crocheting some granny squares for a blanket too but my yarn colours are not a patch on yours. Just beautiful! xx

  4. What a beautiful cushion, I love the fabric and the edging, if only I could crochet! Must break my habbit and try, Love following your blg, thanks to your sister for suggesting I look. Take care Tracy x

    1. Thanks for following Tracy and to big sis for recommending (I’ll pay her later!). I only learnt 6 months ago and took classes which really helped. Crochet is so therapeutic too, I find it really relaxing. If you want a good book to learn from, try The Happy Hooker! 🙂 x

  5. Ah it’s just these sorts of images that make me get fired up about learning to crochet! The cushion and blanket both look stunning. Fortunately I’ve made a start on my crochet course (and have The Happy Hooker) so please keep the inspiration coming! x

  6. This is quite stunningly pretty – I love it! I can’t believe you only started crochet 6 months ago – inspiring!

    I haven’t forgotten about that tea – I always think of you when passing Benet’s and craving popcorn tea! Just need to find a time… will email xx

  7. Once again you make me feel that urge to learn how to crochet 🙂 I have tried on my own with no success but now a friend has suggested to teach me IRL. Your cushion is so pretty: the colour are fab and the yarn looks soft and nice. By the way I don’t see where you made the mistake in the number of rows?
    Just to let you know also, the giant felted Granny Squares picture is not working for me.

    1. I think teaching IRL is much better than learning from a book. I supplemented my classes with books and diagrams to remind me of the stitches, but it really helped to have someone to demonstrate.

      The dark pink rows along the top edge have 4 instead of 3 like every other row in every other colour! It bugged me so much that I miscounted.

      Thanks for letting me know about the picture error, I’ll check it out.


  8. I’m the lucky friend and now proud owner of the cushion! and I can say it’s even better in real life than in the pictures 🙂 Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s been quite therapeutic making Granny Squares 🙂 I love your necklace and I’m still fascinated by crocheting with wire. I’d love to see you in action one day!

  9. Wow! I’m really impressed with these. You make it look easy 🙂 I am tempted to have a go myself after reading your post. The perfect thing to do if you’re not feeling 100%. I’ve been feeling a bit poop too so maybe now is the time to have a go. Get well soon xx

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