Switching off: Our Staycation

When G and I realised our work/leave schedules would never align for summer holidays this year, we decided on a staycation over a long weekend. Not our usual beachy holiday somewhere hot in Europe, but a mini-break to Center Parcs.

Having been before with family, we knew what to expect and which activities would cost, so planned carefully. We haven’t owned a car for 6 years in a bid to be green and save money, so we hired from our local company (not the big giants) and set off on Friday morning in what can only be described as a toy car. All part of the fun!

Road Trip on claireabellemakes

Naturally we needed sweets for the journey. Road trips are a total novelty for us now and we are guaranteed to have a few shouty moments when I send G the wrong way multiple times! He is very good at being nice to me when this happens, even though I do it on most journeys.

We only went 40 minutes up the road and even though it wasn’t far, we were determined to make it feel like a holiday. We were so lucky with the weather, 30 degrees every day!!

I decided that this break from work would also be a break from the online world. I put the Etsy shop on holiday and switched off my phone from calls, texts, email and twitter. My lovely guest bloggers made sure there was still some activity here. I only listened to one voicemail as I knew it was from a family member about some hospital test results (all ok).

I was glad to be offline. I think G was beginning to believe I had become surgically attached to my smart phone.  I thought I’d hate missing out on tweets and blogs, but I’m really glad I took the time to switch off. Especially as he has limited time due to a busy work schedule.

Here are some snaps from our mini-break. I did take my SLR, but as we were out and about quite a bit, I relied on my phone camera instead.

staycation by claireabellemakesA lakeside picnic on arrival and forest bike rides (I missed my sit-up-and-beg bicycle!)

staycation by claireabellemakesGolf (I am getting better!) and a day at the beach – super hot weather.

staycation by claireabellemakesPeaceful forest scenes and woodland lodges.

I didn’t capture one part on film as we were in the spa. Being brought lemon sherbets whilst relaxing on a water bed on a balcony overlooking a Zen garden was bliss. As was being brought fresh strawberries whilst in a jacuzzi. Spoiled! We also participated in an ‘Austrian Spa Experience’ which involved different essences and having ice thrown on you. Bit odd!

staycation by claireabellemakes

Lovely breakfast in a revolving restaurant. Excuse the early morning pic. I don’t wear make up on holiday.

staycation by claireabellemakes

The most delicious breakfast ever.

staycation by claireabellemakes

The lakeside views from the revolving restaurant & from the outside.

staycation by claireabellemakes

Outside the hotel was this amazing peacock. Inside the hotel we powered our way through a couple of seasons of 30 Rock.

staycation by claireabellemakes

I took some crochet with me & returned home to this lovely book from a giveaway by Lola Loves Craft!

We will definitely take a ‘staycation’ again. We feel totally refreshed after 4 days!

Have you taken a great holiday in the UK?

claireabelle x

12 thoughts on “Switching off: Our Staycation

  1. I love Center Parcs – it’s fab. I took a staycation last weekend, but in fact didn’t leave my home. It was great, I had a technology-free few days and used my break to only do things that I wanted to do, not that I felt I should. Quilting, reading, baking, walking – it was brilliant (and cheap)!

  2. Ah man those lodges look amazing. I loved going up to Scotland and staying in log cabins as a kid but there were nothing like those! I was pretty much raised on staycations – great way of seeing our own country!

  3. Haven’t left the country in a long time but have mostly been very lucky with the weather. Went to Sheringham this year and was on the beach every day, swimming in the sea and everything! All only and hour and a half away from home. Perfect. Glad you had a great time. I don’t think that I have the dedication to do a staycation at home and not switch on the computer!

  4. Great post Claire! What a fantastic idea! I think it’s so lovely to appreciate your local area! It’s also lovely to turn off your computer and smart phone and be present with your partner/husband/family. I think my husband also think’s I’m surgically attached to my phone!

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