Crafty Creatives Subscription Box 2

You may have seen my last post about the very first Crafty Creatives subscription box. It was all very very exciting.

The second one has arrived, yay!! If you have yet to receive/open your box, I would recommend that you don’t scroll down any further, if you’d like yours to remain a surprise!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

Included was…..

  • Art Card by artist Anthony Peters
  • Large square of hessian material (not pictured)
  • Large wooden bunting flags (not pictured)

And the delights pictured below!

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

I was dead excited to see that some Jane Means ribbon was also included. Kitty approves of the box too! Those star charms are just the cutest, I need to brainstorm what to use them for. I suspect some of this box will be incorporated into my new obsession with friendship bracelets.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

The kit this time includes items to make a nautical rope bracelet. I’m super excited about this. Even though I was missing a small item, the Crafty Creatives girls were super efficient and lovely about sending it out to me. Also included were some sheets of nautical paper, I thought this was a great touch.

Crafty Creatives Box on claireabellemakes

We aren’t getting a beach holiday this year, so I’m going to get inspired and do some smash booking with the paper and buttons.

Overall, another fantastic box! I’ll be sure to blog my makes from this box!  Watch this space!

claireabelle x

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