Adventures in Crochet

I never really understood when people said they were ‘addicted’ to crochet. I’ve knitted for a while now, but haven’t really progressed further than basic patterns. After a lengthy knitted bear project and a couple of cushions, I felt as though I wanted a break from knitting to explore different crafts. DPNs and knitting in the round could wait, but yarn couldn’t – so I discovered crochet.

Ever since my first crochet class, I haven’t been able to go a day without picking up a hook and practising stitches or creating a granny square. I get it now.

It’s official. I’ve well and truly caught the crochet bug.

There’s something so satisfying about how crochet grows. In my mind, it makes more sense than knitting and is way more flexible and forgiving. Of course I am still a beginner and have plenty more to learn. Even if you are not handy with a hook, I hope you will enjoy my recent creations and finds below.

Granny Squares by claireabellemakes

I have been working on these blue coloured granny squares for a small lap blanket for my sewing room. I love being able to make a quick granny square each day and this has totally broken my ‘don’t have an ongoing project/WIP’ habit. I’m sure I will share it once complete. The yarn is Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, lovely and silky and fabulous to work with.

This crochet basket certainly has its imperfections, but was a really fun project – my first with t-shirt yarn. I’m not sure what to keep in it yet.

Crochet Basket in progress

Crochet Basket by claireabellemakes

I discovered Hooplayarn last year and fell in love with it, as it fully embraces the upcycling trend. Hooplayarn is a selvedge from the textile industry and is made from offcuts of clothing. Usually 100% cotton or a cotton/stretch mix, it is really versatile and can be worked into some fantastic projects. Check out this pinterest board of free patterns.

There are many free patterns on this great Dutch crochet blog (posts in English too!) and the writer is more than happy to be contacted with any pattern/general crochet queries. She hosts a great link up party once a week too – great for inspiration!

This week I also discovered another crochet blog, Fiddly Fingers. Alison explores ‘extreme crochet’ and made this amazing crochet cat named Chester! Do pop over and check out the blog post, it’s really fun. Just click on Chester below.

Finished Chester

It was thanks to Rachael from Sew Ray Me that I discovered Chester above. Rachael is super lovely & a hugely talented crafter. When I spotted her crochet hook rolls on twitter this week, I knew I had to treat myself to one.

Crochet Hook Roll

Rachael’s service is fantastic, with customers voting on her selected fabric choices via Instagram pictures. It was great fun and many people chimed in and helped out with my choice above. To be honest, it was a pretty difficult decision as she has such a good eye for fabric combos and her stash is amazing! It is beautifully stitched and organises my hooks perfectly. An utter bargain at £10 including P&P, thanks Rachael.

Do you enjoy crochet?

claireabelle x

Sew Chatty

27 thoughts on “Adventures in Crochet

  1. Yay for catching the crochet bug! You are steaming ahead! I read somewhere that it increases your happines levels to have on ongoing large project, I have a huge yarn delivery coming soon to make a blanket for my bed, I can’t wait to get going with it 🙂 Hannah xx

    1. Thanks for sharing my post! I don’t know why, but I couldn’t have a project unfinished. I’ve totally got over that now yey!

      Look forward to seeing your colour selection for your blanket.


  2. I so know what u mean, I recently discovered crochet too. So much easier than knitting, and I think looks a lot nicer. I always made so many mistakes with knitting was unsatisfying but I can fly through crochet. (check out my blog next wk I have a little crochet post scheduled too) x

  3. I love to crochet. I learned when I was about 9 and then picked up knitting nearly a decade later. For large projects crocheting goes much faster and you don’t need quite so many geometry skills to make particular shapes since the bulkier stitches are quite forgiving. I’m happy to welcome you to the crochet family!

  4. I can’t believe you’ve only been crocheting for such a short while! I’m currently trying to find one of those ‘long term WIPs’ to keep me going….I can’t settle in the evenings unless I’m working on something crafty! I really love the colours you’re using for your granny squares, can’t wait to see the blanket when you’ve finished 🙂

    Thank you also for the lovely mention!

  5. Isn’t Chester great? He seems to be a great attraction at the fairs that he goes to too! I think that you are doing amazingly well (must be down to a great teacher!). Doing individual squares is really satisfying – putting them together is more of a chore!!

      1. Joining the squares shouldn’t be too much of a chore with the techniques I showed you right?
        So glad you are coming along to the crochet flowers class. I’m busy planning which flowers we will make so if you have a favourite bloom let me know!

  6. Great post – I crocheted us a fruit bowl the other week and it did turn out a lot better then I thought it would but I can certainly see how crocheting with a material like clothing would stiffen up the edges. I just finished this afternoon my crochet hook holder too – another project I crocheted, just nice to get away with trying other things to crochet too then the typical say blankets and the like!

  7. What a lovely surprise! I was happliy reading through your blog post thinking how well you were doing with your crochet and admiring your basket when I came across the link to the Dutch crochet blog. So off I go to have a look, lots of lovely things to see over there so I was there a while. Didn’t come back immediately (got a bit way laid!) eventually made it back – only to be confronted with a picture of Chester!!! Thought … what’s he doing here? Then I read on! Thank you so much for mentioning him, it brought a really big smile to my face and made my day.

    Thank you also to knitnrun4sanity’s lovely comment.

    To cap it all I then saw Sewrayme’s crochet hook roll. I really must get myself one of those. I have been meaning to make one for ages but this is extremely good value at only £10. I shall put this on my to do list!

    Happy hooking 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing Chester – I do love him and had to spread the word about him 😉

      The crochet hook roll is fantastically made. I really love mine and also thought £10 was a bargain.


  8. Ha ha another addict, I only started crochet about three years ago and oh my what fun I’ve had and now I even have a little Folksy shop. There are only so many cushion you can have on one sofa after all! Love the colour of your granny squares and that yarn is gorgeous and don’t you just love how the internet is fuelling your crochet habit…… much inspiration everywhere! Happy hooking! x

  9. I love the fabric covered ring, it’s gorgeous. Oh you’ve caught the crochet bug there’s no stopping you now. I only discovered it at Christmas and I LOVE it. I wish i’d discovered it sooner. I love the basket the colours are beautiful. Have lovely week. Ali x

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