Bicycle Love

You cannot turn a corner in Cambridge without a cyclist whizzing by. There are rows and rows of bicycles at the train station and around the market place. There’s something about cycling in this city – it provides escapism and heritage on every street.

Dutch Bike

I love my dutch bike. It’s the perfect way for me to travel around Cambridge and remain eco-friendly, whilst saving a pretty penny on transport costs. All things bicycle themed make me smile. If it includes a pretty basket, then all the better.

I kept seeing great bicycle themed items on Etsy, so I decided to create my first treasury. Have a look and let me know what you think. I think most of these will be making their way onto my wish list!

Bicycle Treasury by claireabellemakes

Do you cycle or have any bicycle themed items to share?

Claire x

19 thoughts on “Bicycle Love

  1. Oh my goodness!!! How I love that bike. I have it pinned on one of my boards too! Gorgeous colour. *sigh* 😀 xx

  2. Have you discovered the Cambridgeshire Raincoat Company (they are on facebook) – they make coats especially for cyclists – but really lovely colourful full length macs that you can wear with a skirt on an upright bike 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, I am so in love with Bella too! I have only ever owned one bike as an adult and would feel rather disloyal changing up but Bella might just convince me to do so (after saving for a few years, haha!) And I will be checking out the raincoat company too – very useful with all this rain! I use a hideous yellow rain poncho from my mum – it works OK… at least no-one tends to recognise me when I wear it!

    1. I am on my second bike in 6 years as the first one was pinched. My rain jacket is bright pink but not glam at all. I will look out for your in your hideous yellow poncho 😉

  4. I remember doing a double take when visiting my uncle in Cambridge years ago now – a man cycled past and his bike basket was planted up with beautiful flowers. I thought perhaps he was carrying cut ones but nope, there was soil and everything. x

  5. Just stumbled across your blog, full of lovely interesting posts. Lovely. I love cycling and my bike so much it has a gorgeous basket on the front with beautiful crochet bunting decorating it! I love your benefits of cycling chart so true! Happy peddling even in the rain.

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