In My Bag

Here are the items I carry around in my beloved Cambridge Satchel bag…..

  • Bespoke phone case (Cath Kidston fabric)
  • Eye gel. I seriously need this stuff for the dreaded dark circles.
  • Watermelon tic tacs. These things taste amazing.
  • Personalised notebook. I have about 4 different notebooks on the go at once as well as the Evernote app, which always gets neglected for handwritten lists.
  • Natural lipbalm. A friend sent me this handmade lip balm from Canada and I loved it so much I ordered about 10 more. This one is dulce latte flavour mmm.
  • Bobbypin by Mummybirdpretties kindly sent to me in a set from Claire, a fellow Cambridge maker.
  • Mini Sharpie.  I love a Sharpie.
  • Cath Kidston bike seat cover. This is a must in the UK where it never stops raining & I only get around on my dutch bike.
  • Crochet Practice. My next crochet course is Granny Squares so I always try to get a bit of practice in when I can.

There were also loose coins, random notes about my prescription, work notebooks, anti-bac hand gel and other equally boring things!

What do you carry in your bag?

Claire x

12 thoughts on “In My Bag

  1. How is it that all your items seem to be colour coordinated to the colour of your bag?! A true organised professional! Great post 🙂
    Took me 3 days to forget about photo-a-day challenge!

    L x

  2. I love your Cambridge Satchel Co bag- so so cute! Also, loving your personalized notebook- a notebook is a must for me too! 🙂

  3. Very pretty contents! I have my Iphone, my Vivienne Westwood (tartan) wallet, a ZPM make up bag, a Hello Kitty biro and a spare Laura Mercier lipstick! X

  4. Wow, I can’t believe everything is so matchy! I always look at these ‘in my bag’ posts and think if and when I do my own it will be so scruffy compared to the masses! But yours even colour co-ordinates! Oh, the pressure 😉

    Also… WATERMELON tic tacs? Who knew?
    And what eye gel do you use? What does it do? I’ve got suitcases under my eyes from so much burning the candle at both ends, hehe.


    1. My matching is so unintentional – perhaps I am boring and always pick the same colours!! The watermelon tic tacs are such a revelation. You need them in your life.

      The eye gel is an Avon rejuvenating one, it really does work and makes my dark circles less obvious. The N.o7 boots one is good too.


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